Announcing the Don Quizote Winter League 2022 Winners!

And with that, the Winter League, 2022 comes to an end! We received amazing participation and we were delighted to see so many of you answer enthusiastically. Thank you for ending 2022 on a high!

The intense fight for the coveted first place is won by sanchit1053, with Shivangi Kundu and Tazdik Laskar following up at second and third places respectively. The battle got really close towards the end, with some of you literally refreshing the site few minutes before the scheduled time in order to answer quick (we loved it!).

You can view the league leaderboard at it’s own separate page, which can be accessed from the right column of the page. The top 5 players are displayed here.

The points awarded for answering correctly were as follows:

First 5 mins: 20 points
Next 5 mins: 18 points
Next 10 mins : 16 points
Next 10 mins : 15 points
Next 15 mins : 14 points
Next 15 mins : 12 points
Next 30 mins: 10 points
After this, 1 point was deducted for every 30 mins passed.

For the third question (which had a 12 hour answer duration), The first hour followed the same marking scheme, with 1 point being deducted for every hour that passed.

Congratulations to everyone who featured on the leaderboard. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in the upcoming quizzing leagues here, and also in Literati’s offline events at IIT Bombay!

You may join this group to be notified of all future events

(P.S. @sanchit1053, @Shivangi Kundu and @Tazdik Laskar please email your phone number and address to for your jar of Nutella!)


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