Winter QoTD #16 (Random)

This term has it’s roots in England where these commodities had different taxation rates depending on the percentage of ______ present in them. In order to measure this quantity present in these commodities , one dipped a gunpowder pellet in them and checked whether it caught fire. If the pellet burnt , there’s enough evidence of it having higher ________ content and thus , are taxed higher.

Now, the usage of such a system to measure the quantity of ______ is discontinued due to it’s unreliability and has only historical significance, and more straight forward terminology is used currently.

All blanks have the same word , blanks aren’t indicative , FITB and give me the term.


Winter QoTD #15 (Entertainment)

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-15 at 18.01.58


The X Y is a medieval torture device that operates by placing a human inside the X(refers to the material) chamber , where he/she is restricted to move due to the spikes that will be surrounding the captive.
This(X Y) served as one of the inspirations to an eponymous entertainment group that are considered to be legends in their genre.

Give X Y

Winter QoTD #14 (Sports)

Anthony Frank X is a professional Y-er and owner of the Y company BirdHouse.

He’s renowned as the most famousĀ  Y-er of all timeĀ  and even has an iconic digital media franchise that made him popular with non-Y-ing folk and a brief stint as a stunt double in action movies led him to become a household name in the United States.

Give X and Y

Winter QoTD #13 (Business)


Mondelez International, the US company that makes the iconic triangular bar, said it was forced to make the unenviable decision between increasing the price or the size of the gaps in its bars.
It is an example of a popular economic term X, which rhymes with inflation.

What is X?

Winter QoTD #12 (Random)

The aptly named Dyson Airwrap is a _________ , which makes use of the Coanda Effect, a phenomenon in which a high speed jet of air flows across a surface and due to pressure differences, the air flow attached itself to the surface.
________ is a fairly common household device, which required heat to function, before this innovation makes it possible to function with air.

Give the blank.

Winter QoTD #11 (Entertainment)


This is a graph(ctsy: u/yoyo181 of reddit) of baby names in the U. S having the same name of voice assistants, with the year of release of assistants marked in red. As a reddit user(u/NocturnalDanger) suggested, the spikes for Cortana in what seems to be in 2007 and 2012 is indicative of an other factor.

What is this ‘factor’ in the world of entertainment is said to have contributed to people naming their kids as ‘Cortana’?

Winter QoTD #10 (Technology)


The above is a post on Reddit , that signifies the google search trends for a term XY , that shot into public awareness from obscurity after an actor made a PSA , criticizing the technology of XY , citing it to make cinema look like “soap-operas”. This (XY) ensures that the viewers aren’t watching the way films are made to look like , as XY is mainly developed for hi-speed sports by artificially reducing the persistence of vision of each element on screen , there by giving a Y-er appearance to the experience. Which actor known for his action stunts, launched this PSA ? What’s XY?