(Win)Terminal Post

The beginning of the Spring semester brings to an end this winter season of Don Quizote and new hopes for a smoother and streamlined, yet much chagrined online semester.
On the bright side, this return to routine also comes with a bunch of “lit” events planned through the semester, so stay posted to our social media handles at @literati_iitb on Instagram and IITB Litzkrieg on Facebook to keep in touch with upcoming events!

With best wishes for a joyful and fulfiling New Year from the Literati council,
See you all in Summer!

Happy Quizzing.

Winter QotD #36

There are several theories regarding the origin of this expression.

  1. Odin, the Norse god of storms, was often pictured with Xs. Witches, who supposedly rode their brooms during storms, were often pictured with Ys.
  2. It may have been derived from the Greek expression catadoxa, meaning “contrary to experience or belief.”
  3. Perversion of the now obsolete word catadupe, which, in Old English, meant a waterfall

What common expression am I talking about?

Winter QotD #35

Writing a X’s absurd,
Line one and line five rhyme in word,
And just as you’ve reckoned
They rhyme with the second;
The fourth line must rhyme with the third.

Identify X, which describes the form of poetry itself popularised by Edward Lear.

Winter QoTD#34

What started with Rina Palenkova, a teenager who lived in south-eastern Russia who posted a selfie in 2015? In the photo she is standing outside. A black scarf is wrapped around her mouth and nose. She is sticking her middle finger up at the camera. The photo’s caption read “Nya Bye”.

The origin of the name is also uncertain. Some people say that it comes from a song by the Russian rock band Lumen. The opening lines of the song being
Why scream
When no one hears
What we’re talking about?
and features a “X” that can’t break through the net. (X being the answer)
Others believe it to be a reference to beaching. What is being talked about or Id X.

Winter QoTD #33

In Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit, the lifestyles of the Inuit features heavily. Taking all the base words (such as siku – ‘ice in general’), derived terms (such as sikuliaq – ‘made ice’), descriptive names (such as sitilluqaaq – ‘a recent solid mass’) and words with a broader meaning (such as maujaq – ‘any type of quicksand, which includes snow in which one sinks’), the total number of terms referring to the various aspects of snow and ice goes upto ninety – three.

However in Inuktun, the dialect spoken by the Inughuit (the planet’s most northerly people), two words, which have fairly different meaning for most of us, have the same Inuktun translation. One of the words is winter. What is the other word?

Winter QoTD #32

X is a dystopian novel by English writer P. D. James published in 1992. The story is set in England in 2021 and centres on the impact of mass infertility . The author describes a United Kingdom that is steadily depopulating and focuses on a small group of resisters who do not share the disillusionment of the masses.

The novel received stellar acclaim from critics, and a film adaptation of the same name starring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen directed by Alfonso Cuarón was released in 2006. What novel is X?

Winter QoTD#31

What is common among these phrases/terms? (Non-exhaustive list)

  1. Three-peat
  2. You cannot be serious
  3. This sick beat
  4. That’s hot
  5. Bam!
  6. Let’s roll
  7. Let’s get ready to rumble
  8. Things fall apart
  9. Hakuna Matata
  10. Hasta la vista, baby

Winter QoTD#30

What is the common connection between the two people shown below with respect to the year 2020?

Winter QoTD#29

With its first marketing campaign slogan as ‘It’s round and long-lasting. (In Catalan)‘, this company was one of the revolutionaries in the confectionary market. The founder of the company realised that sweets were particularly inconvenient for their main consumers, children. Sticky hands caused them to run into trouble with their parents. So he decided to stick the sweet on a stick. Their famous logo was designed by Salvador Dali, who described the logo as a brightly coloured daisy shaped logo which could be placed on the top of a lolly instead of the side. This was the perfect place for the logo as it could always be seen intact. Name the Spanish company which entered the Indian market in 2016.

Winter QoTD#28

With the distinction of being the most discussed game ever on Twitter with more than 35.6 million tweets in the course of the game, which match was dubbed as the _X_ as a result of the one-sided victory. Fans from all over the world compared the winning team’s dominating performance to their stupendous military efforts during the World War, and hence the pun was created combining both.

The game was also dubbed as _Y_, evoking a previous spirit of national shame known as the Maracanzo in which the losing side in the above mentioned game unexpectedly lost another crucial game on home soil. Thus, the pun came into existence which means Agony of __ (Y is derived from this word).

Identify X, Y and the match in question.