Summer 2017 QoTD # 76 (Entertainment)

Viewing a solar eclipse with naked eyes causes damage to the eyes. During the  solar eclipse of February 1980, the Indian government had broadcast a 1975 film starring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan on India’s state broadcaster Doordarshan. This was done to encourage people to stay inside and not venture out and look at the eclipse with the naked eye.

Identify the movie which was broadcast.


Summer 2017 QoTD # 75 (History)

The House of X has had ties with the royal families of Britain, Russia, Spain, Greece, Germany, and Sweden. However, this house has suffered so many several horrific tragedies that it is said to be under the Curse of X. Primary among them is the spread of hemophilia they caused by marrying into the European royal families. Another notable tragedy was the death of two of its members, one the Tsarina herself, during the murder of the Russian royalty by the Bolsheviks. Two of its most popular members are a Prince (Y) and the till-date longest serving Chief of Defence Staff of Britain who was also an Earl (Z). Give us X, Y, and Z.

Summer 2017 QoTD # 74 (Technology)

Pictured below is X, an open ocean research platform owned by the US Office of naval research. Operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, X is used to study weather and underwater acoustics. X however has a special capability, and to aid the crew operating X, the interiors of X are designed in a certain different way.



Identify X and its special capability.

Summer 2017 QoTD # 73 (India)

Members of Indian political parties are no strangers to strange names, and we can boast of a Stalin (MK Stalin) and a Lenin (Lenin Rajendran). But surely, what tops them all is being named after a law or, more appropriately, an Act. Give us the name of the Act and the person in question.

Summer 2017 QoTD # 72 (Literature)

Three authors, under the pseudonyms—Acton Bell, Currer Bell, and Ellis Bell—were responsible for four classic works of literature published in 1847-48, with one of them writing two. Give us the names of the four books and the real names of the authors.

Summer 2017 QoTD # 71 (Sports)

X was a baseball team affiliated with the Frontier League based in Midwestern United States. Based in Y in Ontario, Canada, X based their name,logo and mascot on a certain serial killer from 19th century Y, a city in UK. Because of this, X faced opposition from a number of people from Y ( the one in Canada). X had to shut down operations in 2012 due to monetary constraints.

Identify X and Y.

Summer 2017 QoTD # 70 (Random)

14 people in USA have achieved this, the first being John Adams. Six people in India too have achieved this with the most recent failed bid for being the seventh occurring in 2007. Looking for a specific answer.