Announcing the Don Quizote Winter League 2022 Winners!

And with that, the Winter League, 2022 comes to an end! We received amazing participation and we were delighted to see so many of you answer enthusiastically. Thank you for ending 2022 on a high!

The intense fight for the coveted first place is won by sanchit1053, with Shivangi Kundu and Tazdik Laskar following up at second and third places respectively. The battle got really close towards the end, with some of you literally refreshing the site few minutes before the scheduled time in order to answer quick (we loved it!).

You can view the league leaderboard at it’s own separate page, which can be accessed from the right column of the page. The top 5 players are displayed here.

The points awarded for answering correctly were as follows:

First 5 mins: 20 points
Next 5 mins: 18 points
Next 10 mins : 16 points
Next 10 mins : 15 points
Next 15 mins : 14 points
Next 15 mins : 12 points
Next 30 mins: 10 points
After this, 1 point was deducted for every 30 mins passed.

For the third question (which had a 12 hour answer duration), The first hour followed the same marking scheme, with 1 point being deducted for every hour that passed.

Congratulations to everyone who featured on the leaderboard. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in the upcoming quizzing leagues here, and also in Literati’s offline events at IIT Bombay!

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(P.S. @sanchit1053, @Shivangi Kundu and @Tazdik Laskar please email your phone number and address to for your jar of Nutella!)


Question 14, Winter League 2022

The famous duo of Mario and Luigi, are known as the super smash bros. There are two leading companies, X and Y in a certain product that can be compared to Mario and Luigi respectively. As Mario dominates over Luigi, the same took place between X and Y. During World War II, the rift between the founders grew stronger and led to forming independent companies X and Y.

X (analogous to Mario here) was named after its founder. Y was too originally, but later changed its name to something that is well reflected in Y’s logo currently.

ID X and Y. (points only if both are correct, and in the right order)

Question 12, Winter League 2022

X has its own record label, and is a very well-known brand. The original logo of X was rated R and one can get over 80,000 different varieties of items from X.

In almost every scene of this 1999 movie, there is a X Y. This is because X Y acts as an agent to portray the film’s theme subtly, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of X during the time.

ID X and Y. (half points for each)

Question 11, Winter League 2022

X was considered to be an undergarment, and as such, was considered inappropriate to be seen and was made of leather. From the time of their invention until World War 2, a waistcoat was worn over to cover X and prevent indecency. However, people began removing outer layers in public, so this sensibility decreased.

In the 2000’s it became fashionable for some women to wear X as outerwear, a style emerging from mod style of the 1960’s. One particular instant which made it popular again was when the vocalist of a famous band wore it along with her dark suit.


Winter QoTD #15

In most renditions of emoji X, it is made to resemble a very famous Symbolist era painting; also considered as a Mona Lisa for these modern, anxious times.

The artist has painted this piece in 3 different forms one of which has been stolen twice now. The painting features an unusual hue for the sky which scholars have interpreted to be due to the geographical setting or a psychological reaction to an event in their family.

The artist merely saw it as a call from nature.

ID X, the emoji.

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The final leg of Don Quizote Winter League 2022 begins tomorrow! Keep an eye out for that leaderboard and the Nutella that awaits! Every question has a maximum of 20 points; check out the top post for more information.

Winter QoTD #14

This food item is over a hundred years old, and there is a chance that it might be as addictive as hard drugs. There have been a variety of flavors, with the discontinued ones put in a museum of its likes.

With a brand telling you the right way to consume it (even though only about half of us follow it), identify this food item that even has a street named in the US after them.

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Winter QoTD #13

A recurring enemy in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, X is inspired by a dish dating back to the Roman Empire.

In the middle ages, in Spain, after the introduction of caramelised sugar to a then-called creamy dish gave birth to what we today know as X.

German for ‘flat cake’, X can be considered to be two different dishes based on where you order it from. In Latin American context, it is similar to a custard. Whereas in Britain, it is more similar to a tart.

“Two entrees. One X is cold.

However, in reference to the above line, X couldn’t possibly be had alone.


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Winter QoTD #12

The word X originates from Greek Mythology:

Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos of Crete, fell in love with Theseus, a Greek hero who came to Crete to slay the Minotaur who lived in a subterranean Labyrinth. Ariadne gave Theseus a ball of yarn which he unwound as he entered the Labyrinth. This particular instance of Ariadne giving Theseus a ball of yarn marked the use of X in its current meaning. After slaying the Minotaur, Theseus followed the thread back to the entrance of the Labyrinth, rejoined Ariadne, and successfully escaped Crete.

If Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs weren’t eaten by birds, we would have a completely different word for the current meaning of X. Id X.

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