Winter QoTD #26 (Technology)

When asked during a meeting with influential businesspeople in Riyadh about whether robots would take over the world, the reply was to not watch too many Hollywood movies and to not listen to too much of what Elon Musk had to say on the topic. Who, one who had recently been seen at a lot of places around the world, including Mumbai, is this?


Winter QoTD #25 (India)

The first of these pertain to adding a special provision for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, to place reasonable restrictions on the freedom of speech, and to fully secure the constitutional validity of zamindari abolition laws. The latest one deals with the Goods and Services Tax. What entity, numbering 101 till date are these?



Winter QoTD #24 (Literature)

Assyrian people, or Syriacs, are an ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East. Belonging to this ethnicity was the author X’s Air Force friend, Francis Y., who inspired the name of X’s first and most famous novel’s protagonist, whose first name is John (or so said Colonel K.). If the title of the novel is now a very famous catchphrase, identify X and the title of this satire.

Winter 2017 QoTD # 23 (Sports)

A hatchback manufactured by a certain automotive manufacturing company was initially named X, but the name had to be changed to Y because of certain reasons. Coincidentally, Y happens to sound similar to the name of the son of a popular Football player Z. Z is also the brand ambassador of the automotive company mentioned above.

Identify X, Y and Z.

Winter QoTD #22 (Random)

Being featured on the cover of an internationally-reputed magazine is in itself a difficult feat, especially when the magazine in question is X. In addition to the five people featured on the most recent most-awaited edition of X, there was an extra addition this year. The explanation for this was then offered by X. Give us X and the funda behind this.

If you have kept up with current affairs, this should be, as the call it in Hindi, daayein haath ka khel for you.

Winter QoTD #21 (Entertaiment)

The pig-tailed, pretty fifteen-year-old ‘O’ level student was quite stressed that day – the history exam was only one of the reasons. Later, that day the teenager of Asian origin proceeded to the recording studio, all set to usher in a revolution. She was chosen by Feroz Khan as the music composer for the song had put forward the condition that the singer shouldn’t be Indian. Recommended by Zeenat Aman, on whom this song is picturized, the girl ended up singing the most popular track of this 1980 movie album, which was otherwise composed by Kalyan-Anand.

Name the singer, the movie, and the track in question. For brownie points, give us two more things – one other song from the movie and one other song by the same singer