The Blogmakers

Aneesh Kamat :

Vedika Gupta :

Anupsa Swain :

Arushi Srivastava :

Disha Pandey :

Harsh Agarwal :

Kanishk Malkan :

Please feel free to drop any suggestions or comments you may have down below!


2 thoughts on “The Blogmakers

    • 1.Start reading newspapers daily
      2.Follow quiz blogs and pages everyday in fb, insta or anywhere rather than just chit-chat or scrolling down.
      3.Whenever you read any information may it be in a quiz or any sorts just dig inside it. Research about the topic, collect all the information
      4.Try frame questions by yourself
      5. Always be observant, when you’re travelling the hoardings of different brands may help you to tackle a question.
      6. And atlast keep quizzing and participate in as much quiz as you can
      Because knowledge is a great teacher but,
      Experience is the best teacher.
      Keep Quizzing
      ##Viva la quiz

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