Announcing the Don Quizote Winter League 2022 Winners!

And with that, the Winter League, 2022 comes to an end! We received amazing participation and we were delighted to see so many of you answer enthusiastically. Thank you for ending 2022 on a high!

The intense fight for the coveted first place is won by sanchit1053, with Shivangi Kundu and Tazdik Laskar following up at second and third places respectively. The battle got really close towards the end, with some of you literally refreshing the site few minutes before the scheduled time in order to answer quick (we loved it!).

You can view the league leaderboard at it’s own separate page, which can be accessed from the right column of the page. The top 5 players are displayed here.

The points awarded for answering correctly were as follows:

First 5 mins: 20 points
Next 5 mins: 18 points
Next 10 mins : 16 points
Next 10 mins : 15 points
Next 15 mins : 14 points
Next 15 mins : 12 points
Next 30 mins: 10 points
After this, 1 point was deducted for every 30 mins passed.

For the third question (which had a 12 hour answer duration), The first hour followed the same marking scheme, with 1 point being deducted for every hour that passed.

Congratulations to everyone who featured on the leaderboard. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in the upcoming quizzing leagues here, and also in Literati’s offline events at IIT Bombay!

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(P.S. @sanchit1053, @Shivangi Kundu and @Tazdik Laskar please email your phone number and address to for your jar of Nutella!)


Question 14, Winter League 2022

The famous duo of Mario and Luigi, are known as the super smash bros. There are two leading companies, X and Y in a certain product that can be compared to Mario and Luigi respectively. As Mario dominates over Luigi, the same took place between X and Y. During World War II, the rift between the founders grew stronger and led to forming independent companies X and Y.

X (analogous to Mario here) was named after its founder. Y was too originally, but later changed its name to something that is well reflected in Y’s logo currently.

ID X and Y. (points only if both are correct, and in the right order)

Question 12, Winter League 2022

X has its own record label, and is a very well-known brand. The original logo of X was rated R and one can get over 80,000 different varieties of items from X.

In almost every scene of this 1999 movie, there is a X Y. This is because X Y acts as an agent to portray the film’s theme subtly, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of X during the time.

ID X and Y. (half points for each)

Winter QoTD #14

This food item is over a hundred years old, and there is a chance that it might be as addictive as hard drugs. There have been a variety of flavors, with the discontinued ones put in a museum of its likes.

With a brand telling you the right way to consume it (even though only about half of us follow it), identify this food item that even has a street named in the US after them.

Send your responses as comments to the post. The answer will be here after 24 hours along with the next QoTD!

Winter QoTD #11

People used to say the name of this food item, in an attempt to capture the ideal facial expression while taking a photo. A post even said that this helped keep the mouth “prim”. Belonging to the rose family, they’re used in both desserts and main dishes, can be made into juice or alcohol, eaten raw, or incorporated while baking. 

What is this food item that used to be the go-to word while capturing photographs, before people started saying Jerry’s favourite food?

Send your responses as comments to the post. The answer will be here after 24 hours along with the next QoTD!

Question 10, Winter League 2022

The discovery of this material is attributed to the ancient Egyptians, however its first discovery in both China and America was in a river. Nearly all of this material came from meteorites, and there is believed to be enough of this material inside the Earth to coat the entire surface with a layer that’s over one feet thick.

Normally chemically unreactive, this material does react with halogens and cyanide solutions. You also possess a small amount of this material, both inside and outside your body.

What is the material?

Question 8, Winter League 2022

According to this internet meme, the approximate locations of ten food items are shown in the image.

Identify the axes x, y, z of the plot in the right order (half marks for 2 correct, full marks for all 3).

Drop your answer by commenting on this post. You have 12 hours (i.e. until 12 PM of Sunday) to score points!

The next question will be here at 12 PM along with the answer of this question (:

Winter QoTD #6

The symbol ℔ (image below) is an abbreviation of the roman term ‘libra pondo’ which translates to ‘pound weight’. However, this symbol was printed with a horizontal line across, so as to not confuse the lowercase L with a 1 (the number, one).

Another symbol that originated from and is used more commonly than ℔ first surfaced on twitter in August 2007. However this symbol quickly spread beyond twitter, and made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014.

what is the symbol I’m talking about?

p.s. The QoTDs run separate from the Winter League and are not scored on time so you can take a step back, relax and sip your cup of coffee while the mysterious owl stares at you.

Question 4, Winter League 2022

We Already Won by having The King. Bearing connections with both Grand Theft Auto – Vice City and 2 Fast 2 Furious, this city gets its name from a tribe. With beaches filling the shores, it boasts manatees and Dolphins. What is the city being talked about here?

The Heat is on!

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