Summer QoTD #7

X was at one point of time, the most watched show in the world. It was made by a Canadian director, spanning 8 seasons from 2004-2012. Its name derives from a jargon for a patient with a history of addition or usage. When the director/writer sat to make the series, it was with a will to base it around a strong lead character, and he was inspired by his appreciation for literary hero Sherlock Holmes. This went so far that even the title and character of the character was inspired by stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Just like Holmes, X’s street address is 221B. Both men are written as gifted musicians: X plays piano, Holmes plays violin. And while brilliant, both characters struggle with addiction; X famously has his Vicodin habit while Holmes is a morphine and cocaine addict. At the end of season 2, X is shot by a man named Moriarty. One notable episode “Y” that showed the main character at their most vulnerable moment and gave the audience a look into his backstory was listed as one of the 100 Greatest Episodes by TV Guide in 2009.

The irony is that the show got cancelled because it finally ran out of money.
Identify X and Y.

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26 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #7

  1. Well played folks! X is the one and only “House” starring Hugh Laurie as the infamous Dr. Gregory House, a pain medication-dependent, unconventional, misanthropic medical genius.

    Y is “Three Stories”, the most honoured episode of the series to date, explaining House’s backstory and the first episode to be told in Anachronic Order (the storyline jumps back and forth along the timeline).

    Check out QoTD #8 out now!

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