Summer QoTD #6

According to a legend, a mighty hunter with some notable medals on his belt once proclaimed that he would kill every animal on earth. News of this boastful statement reached the caretaker of all the animals, who now enraged, created a creature to slay the hunter.

The creature succeeded in their venture after which their king made sure to give the hunter and the creature who slayed him places in the heavens, but as far away from each other as possible. Courtesy of which the slayer and the slayed can never be seen from the same place at the same time.

Identify the hunter. (Cookie points for recognising the creature)

Send you responses as comments to the question. The answer will be here after 24 hours along with the next QoTD!

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25 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #6

  1. The hunter is Orion. Goddess of earth, Gaea send a giant scorpion to kill him upon his claim of killing all animals on earth

  2. Hunter – Orion
    Creature – Artemis or Scorpion (legends differ)
    Scorpion appears to be more accurate for this question

  3. Orion the Hunter
    the creature was a Scorpion
    The Orion and Scorpius constellation are never in the sky at the same time.

  4. The mighty hunter, as you have answered correctly, is Orion. he was slayed by Scorpio, the scorpion created by Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth.

    In their memory, Zeus, the king of Gods placed them in the heavens at a distance from each other. That is why the constellations of Orion and Scorpio can never be seen in the same night sky.

    QoTD #7 is out now so go check that out!

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