Question 12, Winter League 2022

X has its own record label, and is a very well-known brand. The original logo of X was rated R and one can get over 80,000 different varieties of items from X.

In almost every scene of this 1999 movie, there is a X Y. This is because X Y acts as an agent to portray the film’s theme subtly, due to the rapidly increasing popularity of X during the time.

ID X and Y. (half points for each)


8 thoughts on “Question 12, Winter League 2022

  1. X is Starbucks and Y is the Starbucks cup. In the film Fight Club, almost every scene has a Starbucks cup. The film isn’t shy about its criticisms of consumerism, and the cup of coffee is a metaphor: consumers are constantly reminded to acquire objects with the hope of attaining some form of satisfaction.

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