Summer Mini-League 3, Question #3

Sam Patch, a daredevil of times long gone made his name by jumping off a cliff near Niagara Falls in 1829. Having lived as a child mill worker, he would get an adrenaline rush by leaping off mill dams, a talent he later spun into public stunt shows. After gaining national fame for the Niagara leap, he made a jump off the Genesee Falls on one fated day : outrageously his final leap.

The unfortunate incident built on to legend and the day was remembered as one to be wary of. Many incidents have occurred on this day following the Patch incident but one notable tradition is in Ontario, Canada where a group of motorcyclists gather every time this day occurs for a rally dating back to 1881. They even made an attempt in 2008 to surpass the previous Guinness world record for the largest motorcycle parade which failed due to a technicality.

Identify the parlance for this fateful day.

Send your responses as comments to this question. Check the comments after 12 hours to see if you got it right!

The faster you answer, the more points you get! The next question of this mini-league goes up at 12 PM.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Mini-League 3, Question #3

  1. The sudden change in the temperature of the atmosphere as he descended down the fall had caused his blood vessels to rupture caused his death.

  2. Napoleon was a great man,” he said, “He conquered armies and he conquered nations, but he couldn’t jump Genesee Falls….That was left for me to do, and I can do it well.

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