Summer Mini-League 3, Question #2

This band consisted of a vocalist, drummer, guitarist and bassist, forming the perfect anatomy of a rock band. Their debut album received a negative review by the critics but was commercially a success.

The lead vocalist eventually started losing interest in the band and began considering opportunities to work with other musicians. The band was unravelling at an alarming rate and their album failed to reach top 50 in the US. While they were rehearsing for their next album, the lead vocalist decided to abruptly quit the band, mentioning that the last few albums were really depressing for him and he did those only for the sake of money and to get the records out.

He then set out to perform a solo project, but had a change of heart and rejoined the band in less than a year. The band had lost its chemistry and all the members started getting really drugged out, oftentimes stopping rehearsals because they were “too stoned” and unsynchronised. Their live performances were referred to as ‘tired and uninspired’. The entire band were abusing alcohol and various drugs, however their vocalist who had quit and rejoined, was “a totally different level altogether”. He lost interest and refused to sing, leading to him being fired by the guitarist.

The guitarist and vocalist, both reunited recently and released a single, 43 years after the vocalist was fired.

Identify the band. Brownie points for identifying the guitarist and vocalist.

Send your responses as comments to this question. Check the comments after 6 hours to see if you got it right!

The faster you answer, the more points you get! The next question of this mini-league goes up at 12 AM today!

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9 thoughts on “Summer Mini-League 3, Question #2

  1. You are correct! The band is indeed Black Sabbath.

    The lead vocalist is Ozzy Osbourne and the guitarist is Tony Iommi. They released a song ‘Degradation Rules’ on the 22nd of July, 2022.

    Question 3 of the Summer Mini-League 3 is live now!

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