Summer QoTD #15

Shown above are three chess openings which share a common word in their name (two of the openings being the King’s ______ and the Queen’s ______). The common word stems from the fact that these openings were introduced to modern chess by a player from a certain country. Due to the ancient variant of the game he had learnt, the player was accustomed to a certain under-utilization, which is seen in the moves of the black pieces in these openings.

This under-utilization was the only legal move for particular pieces in the variant, and had also been the norm in chess for a very long time. When the rules of chess were changed, a new way of capturing pieces in passing was also added.

What word fills in the blanks? What under-utilization is being talked about? What is this new way of capturing called?


4 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #15

  1. Wild Guess:
    Queen and Kings Gambit
    Move being that pawn could move twice so that could create a deadlock
    And move being en passant that was introduced

  2. Chinmay and Abhik together get there.
    These are the king’s Indian, Queens Indian and Nimzo Indian openings. The under-utilisation is moving the pawn one square, which was usual in chaturanga.
    Finally, the en passant rule was added so that players couldn’t avoid capture by moving the pawn two squares.

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