Summer QoTD #37

Pictured above is a _____ sleeping bag. When in use, the shape and posture of this sleeping bag would look very similar to an object which acted as a preservative, and whose name is derived from the Persian word for wax. What is this type of sleeping bag called?


Summer QoTD #36

The process to produce these relied on using photosensitive ferric compounds, impregnating paper with such chemicals and finally forming insoluble ferroferricyanide, leading to a characteristic colour. Due to the photosensitive compound, the process could be used for replication of drawings, producing a negative of the original. It was extensively used by engineers, due to its simplicity.
What is the end result of this process called?

Summer QoTD#32

X’s primary professional work was in the field of autonomic responses and illnesses, a subfield of neurology. When asked what he considered as his greatest achievement, he said “I’d rather be remembered for my work in neurology than my _______. If you offered me the chance to make a great breakthrough in the study of the autonomic nerve system, I’d take that over Y right away. I worked in medicine for sixty years. I ___ for about eight”.
His four minutes of fame had occurred in the early 1950s, and while he was a proud doctor, he was knighted for his contributions to another field.
Id X.

Summer QoTD#28

While the Oscar acceptance speech by the lead actor of this film became a soapbox about a particular issue, the issue had also affected the shooting of the film itself. Due to the above-mentioned issue, certain locations which had earlier been scouted for shooting were no longer suitable for featuring in the film, since an element crucial to the look of the film had disappeared from these locations.
Which film is this, which also broke a certain jinx for the actor? What issue is being talked about?

Summer QoTD #24

While the original work did not feature this character, the 1967 adaptation included it despite this inclusion being geographically inaccurate. The jazz musician ______ Armstrong, whose name was a slight variation of the character’s name, was initially supposed to play the character, however the makers realized that such a casting could be considered racist. The character didn’t feature in any of the sequels until the 2016 live-action reboot.
Which character?

Summer QoTD #21

Shown here is a screen grab of a game called Hot Air Balloon. This game is available to alleviate boredom due to the unavailability of a certain resource, and unlike the other offerings at its source, it does not need to be downloaded. Where and when can this game be accessed?

Summer QoTD #18

Calm is a meditation and mental wellness app. It recently announced that it would step in as a guarantor and pay any fines incurred by individuals refusing to participate in a post event commitment throughout the four events of 2021, due to certain reasons. This announcement came shortly after a high profile pull out for similar reasons.
What exactly is this company paying for? What high profile pull out is this?

Summer QoTD #15

Shown above are three chess openings which share a common word in their name (two of the openings being the King’s ______ and the Queen’s ______). The common word stems from the fact that these openings were introduced to modern chess by a player from a certain country. Due to the ancient variant of the game he had learnt, the player was accustomed to a certain under-utilization, which is seen in the moves of the black pieces in these openings.

This under-utilization was the only legal move for particular pieces in the variant, and had also been the norm in chess for a very long time. When the rules of chess were changed, a new way of capturing pieces in passing was also added.

What word fills in the blanks? What under-utilization is being talked about? What is this new way of capturing called?

Summer QoTD #12

It is widely accepted that modern deep learning systems do not have a deep understanding of the task they are trained to do, but rather use superficial correlations to arrive at answers. This is similar to a supposed German prodigy from early 20th century, who could add, subtract, work with fractions and even read, using his forelimbs to answer questions. The then recent works of Charles Darwin had further fuelled public interest in his abilities.
Hence, ______ ____ is a machine learning library which deals with adversarial attacks, a technique commonly used to unmask charlatan ML models, and demonstrate their brittleness in decision making.

Summer QoTD #9

The name of this product was chosen to convey purity and goodness, and was derived from the component elements of water. However, history remembers the product as a has-been, since it was over-shadowed by a copy-cat introduced by Nabisco in 1912. The Nabisco product copied not just the look and taste, but was also designed and branded in a similar manner. Further, the name of the copy-cat was derived from the name of the flower which adorned the original product. The only saving grace for the original product was that it was a popular alternative among a particular orthodox community, since it had a certain certification.

What are the two products in question? What certification did the OG product have?