Summer QoTD #9

The name of this product was chosen to convey purity and goodness, and was derived from the component elements of water. However, history remembers the product as a has-been, since it was over-shadowed by a copy-cat introduced by Nabisco in 1912. The Nabisco product copied not just the look and taste, but was also designed and branded in a similar manner. Further, the name of the copy-cat was derived from the name of the flower which adorned the original product. The only saving grace for the original product was that it was a popular alternative among a particular orthodox community, since it had a certain certification.

What are the two products in question? What certification did the OG product have?


3 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #9

  1. This is indeed Hydrox and Oreos. The original hydrox cookies had the oreodaphne flower embossed on them.
    Hydrox were fairly popular among orthodox Jews since the cookie was kosher certified.

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