Winter QoTD #5

Despite having no distinct shape, X made its bottle the most recognizable bottle in the world. Its campaign, which featured print ads showing bottles “in the wild,” was so successful that they didn’t stop running it for 25 years. It’s the longest uninterrupted ad campaign ever and comprises over 1,500 separate ads.

ID the brand X.

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Winter QoTD #4

This satiric animated show’s art style involves a flat paper look for all the elements. Rather than a creative choice in modern animation, this art style was largely attributed to the pilot episode.

The creators of the show spent over three months in a small animation studio in Denver cobbling together various construction paper cutouts to create the pilot. Literally thousands of frames were shot to assemble an entire episode, as pieces were moved and swapped out in stop-motion fashion.

ID the show.

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Winter QoTD #2

The national language of this country is one of the ten most challenging languages in the world to learn and translate. As a result, all students in this country learn the national language of their neighbouring country in secondary school, and it holds the official language status together with its own language.

The word sauna originates from this language, and it is the only word from this language making into the everyday English language. There is approximately one sauna per household in this country, with its parliament having its own sauna wherein officials can debate!

Having the highest water to landmass ratio among all countries, this country’s coast is home to the largest archipelago in the world. It is also celebrating its 105th Independence day today. What is the country and language in discussion?

Winter QoTD #1

A famous president, who was also a renowned hunter, had once gone for a hunting trip with several other hunters competing. His attendants cornered a certain animal known for its intelligence and power, tied it to tree, and then called the President to shoot said animal. He refused to shoot the animal deeming it unsportsmanlike and instructed that the animal be put out of its misery.

This became the topic of a political cartoon, in which the animal was picturised as being as small and cute. This was seen by a candy shop owner, who made a memorabilia for this event and gave it a name pseudonymous to the President. It is something which is still made and adored by many till date.

What is this “memorabilia”?

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Winter QoTD #24

This is the world’s largest travel luggage company and began more than a century ago as a trunk manufacturer. It was founded by a deeply religious Colorado man who named one of the initial cases after a Biblical strongman. From this was derived the trademark name that this company is now known by. This company was also instrumental in establishing the LEGO brand in the United States, a foray into toy manufacturing that was abandoned a decade later.

Name the biblical character this company is named after.

Winter QoTD #23

Recently, the Delhi High Court witnessed a bizarre case of a woman urging the court to hand over a historic fort that had been illegally siezed by the British East India Company.

The woman claimed to be the sole legal heir, and the widow of the great grandson of a Mughal King. Her plea was dismissed on the grounds of being 150 years too late.

Name this historic monument.

Winter QoTD #20

This phenomenon is named after the scientist who first discovered it. Many years later, the man who gave the theoretical explanation of the phenomenon went on to win a Nobel prize.

The name of the phenomenon is X Y. Some of the concepts and ideas related to or inspired by this phenomenon are given:

X dynamics, X motor, X surface, X noise.

The last one’s name is also a pun on the term “white noise”.

Give X.

Winter QoTD #18

This shape has a lot of significance in religions and belief systems. It is associated with a number, which allows it to be interpreted as symbolising a lot of other important groups of the same number of elements.

In the 19th-century, interpretations of this shape’s orientation arose, with positive connotations for when it was oriented upwards, and negative connotations when it was oriented downwards. Though technically this shape cannot be said to be pointing in a single direction.

Name the shape.

Winter QoTD #17

A fictional terrorist organisation, whose name is that of a mythological creature, features this creature on its logo. A supervillain is named after this animal due to similarities in abilities. One of this kind of animal became famous for correctly predicting the results of a number of matches of a particular sport, to the extent that fans of the side predicted to lose would call for him to be eaten.

Name the animal.