Winter QoTD #10

X derived from an Asiatic tree reached the Mediterranean world in ancient times from China, despite being native to ‘Ceylon’. Mention of X can be found in Chinese writing dating back to 2800 BC, and still known as “kwai” in the present day Cantonese language as it was once used as currency. The Arabic term for X owes to X being fragrant. Ancient Egyptians used X in their embalming process, and in making “Kyphi”, an incense used for medical purposes. 

Herodotus, Aristotle and other authors named Arabia as the source of X; they recounted that giant “X birds” collected X from an unknown land, which was a consequence of  traders’ fiction made up to charge more.

P.S. In the first century, 350 grams of X was worth 5 kilograms in silver.


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