The end – and a new beginning

Greetings! The first Don Quizote League has come to an end, but this hopefully marks the beginning of a new era for Don Quizote, IIT Bombay’s Quizzing Blog. Certainly, more such events will be coming, so keep those brains sharp – there are roughly 1300 questions here on Don Quizote, dating back to 2009! 5th May, 2009, to be precise, when the first post of Don Quizote went up. If you’d like to stay informed of events, announcements and questions, do follow the blog (the blue button below the leaderboard link in the sidebar).

Thank you to everyone who participated! We kept going out mainly because answers kept coming in. We are flattered by the response we have received, and we hope you enjoyed!

The Results

The coveted 1st place is a tie between BAIBASWATA BIJNANA JENA and upadhyapreetham! They both stand at a staggering 609 points each, impressively close to the maximum possible 700! Not far behind to grab 3rd place is Sanchit Jindal, at 589 points! These three will be winning the Amazon gift cards!

They’re followed by suryansh at 4th place, with 492 points, and Garv Chandalia rounding off the top 5 with 451 points!

And for honorary mentions, we have the rest of the top 15 here! ->

And the complete leaderboard is here.

Congratulations to all the 58 people who got onto the leaderboard! And to those who were unable to, well, there are more such events to come!

The Future

Sounds a bit like a company’s post to consumers, we realise. xD But we want to inform you all, old quizzers and new, of what to expect from the blog.

The first DQ League was a great success, with over 6000 views in 10 days, and the 970,000 total views milestone being crossed. But we’d like to reach even more of those who would enjoy quizzing at IITB, and of course it would be splendid to cross the much coveted 1 million views mark this year.

We’re planning on holding another Don Quizote League in the winter, as well as potential smaller events between then and now. The post-midsem break just asks for something to happen. And of course, there will be proper quizzes held over video calls, so do attend those for an even better quizzing experience!

But to better know what you’d like, in questions, events, and the website itself, we’d like your inputs here. There’s a bonus question waiting for those who fill it! (Yes, we’re bribing you.)

You’re of course also free to comment anything you want, including feedback, here, though we prefer the form for feedback.

Thanks again, and see you soon with more quizzing content!

Summer League #20

X is the incarnation of the “Lord of Kali Yug” and is one of the main characters of the Mahabharata. Arguably the cause of it too, eventually leading to the destruction of his entire clan. Instead of crying after being born this character let out a donkey’s sound. The donkey being the main mount of the demon he is an incarnation of.
Who is X?

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Summer League #19

X is a song which spent 87 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and an adjective. It’s the opening song of an album – the album’s name is something which can deteriorate due to a vitamin’s deficiency.
Pertaining to X’s use as an adjective, being X is equivalent to having Y. Y is a noun, and can be measured in fruit units of sorts (though this rarely actually done, the unit is well defined). The strong connection between X things and apocalyptic scenarios in pop culture fits the apocalyptic themes in the song.
The 2D symbol used for X things has 3 lines of symmetry.
What is X?

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Summer League #18

This is a full-length portrait named “The Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsborough, and his most famous work.

It is praised as historical costume study as well as a portrait. The youth in the portrait in his 17th- century apparel is regarded as Gainsborough’s homage to Anthony van Dyck, and resembles Van Dyck’s portrait of Charles II as a boy.

The painting has been featured in many places in pop culture, for example in the film Joker (2019) and the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, there is another place where this portrait’s inspiration is well apparent.

What occurrence in which movie, released within the past decade?

Summer League #17

This is a family of games utilising a common set of playing pieces – the plural noun for the pieces is the same as the game family’s name, call it X. The pieces are also often called bones, rocks or tiles. Usually, there are 28 pieces in a set.
These pieces are also used for other purposes, such as a destructive display, the general mechanism behind which inspired a phenomenon to be named after X. This phenomenon is observed in very varied situations – basically it refers to a sequence of events causally linked.
These pieces also appear in Unicode – all 28, both horizontally and vertically – and in a company’s logo.
Identify the family of games.

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Summer League #16

A dish of South Indian origin, it literally translates to “pepper water”. It is said to have been invented during the late 18th century to satisfy the Brits’ need for a particular spice, for which an existing local recipe was modified. Soon enough, the dish became a hit and spread wide to many corners of the British Empire, having butter, flour and meat added to it along the way to satisfy the foreign palates.

You may be surprised to learn that this dish is also (canonically) a certain superhero’s favourite food.

Identify the dish in question.

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Summer League #15

Apologies for the delay in the question. The next question shall be posted at 6:13pm, and scoring shall be done as earlier.

A return journey has been planned by an organisation to a place they’ve been before. This return journey is named after a being from mythology, X, and is quite a suitable name, since this being is related to that location. The original journey was named after a related being Y – curiously, X was born before Y in most versions of their story. Furthermore, a famous fantasy series’ main character is named after X. The place referred to earlier in the question, is known for seemingly changing it’s shape in a cycle – further, in fantasy and folklore, it being in a certain state causes some creatures to change shape.

Name X

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Summer League #14

This animal was famously called “the fruit of ______” by a side character in a pre-2000 American film, due to the variety of ways it can be cooked. A fast food restaurant’s dish using this animal was the cause of a famous meme often used to express dismay or sorrow. A method of fishing often used for this creature does a lot of damage to the seabed.

The required answer is a common name which refers to many species. Another name often used for these creatures is only a letter shorter, and starts with the same letter this name ends on.

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Summer League #13

Famously called as “The Emperor of the Internet” by a famous late night talk show host, this person lives in the UK despite having set his “business location” to be the US. Being surrounded by controversy all along his career he even has a long standing beef with an Indian TV director/producer. Recently his series on a particular video game got so popular that it helped bring that game back to trending.
He infrequently dabbles into music too, one of his songs being named as “cussword” “food item”.
Name this personality.

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