Winter QoTD #1

Greetings! Don Quizote is back for the Winter Season! Without further ado,

This sprawling estate defies all convention, an island of leaves on a hill of beans. It is owned by “sayonara” X, where X is ironic with regards to what the estate actually deals with. The estate is named after two children of a British planter who originally inhabited it.

Name the estate owners, and the commodity the estate deals with.

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The end – and a new beginning

Greetings! The first Don Quizote League has come to an end, but this hopefully marks the beginning of a new era for Don Quizote, IIT Bombay’s Quizzing Blog. Certainly, more such events will be coming, so keep those brains sharp – there are roughly 1300 questions here on Don Quizote, dating back to 2009! 5th May, 2009, to be precise, when the first post of Don Quizote went up. If you’d like to stay informed of events, announcements and questions, do follow the blog (the blue button below the leaderboard link in the sidebar).

Thank you to everyone who participated! We kept going out mainly because answers kept coming in. We are flattered by the response we have received, and we hope you enjoyed!

The Results

The coveted 1st place is a tie between BAIBASWATA BIJNANA JENA and upadhyapreetham! They both stand at a staggering 609 points each, impressively close to the maximum possible 700! Not far behind to grab 3rd place is Sanchit Jindal, at 589 points! These three will be winning the Amazon gift cards!

They’re followed by suryansh at 4th place, with 492 points, and Garv Chandalia rounding off the top 5 with 451 points!

And for honorary mentions, we have the rest of the top 15 here! ->

And the complete leaderboard is here.

Congratulations to all the 58 people who got onto the leaderboard! And to those who were unable to, well, there are more such events to come!

The Future

Sounds a bit like a company’s post to consumers, we realise. xD But we want to inform you all, old quizzers and new, of what to expect from the blog.

The first DQ League was a great success, with over 6000 views in 10 days, and the 970,000 total views milestone being crossed. But we’d like to reach even more of those who would enjoy quizzing at IITB, and of course it would be splendid to cross the much coveted 1 million views mark this year.

We’re planning on holding another Don Quizote League in the winter, as well as potential smaller events between then and now. The post-midsem break just asks for something to happen. And of course, there will be proper quizzes held over video calls, so do attend those for an even better quizzing experience!

But to better know what you’d like, in questions, events, and the website itself, we’d like your inputs here. There’s a bonus question waiting for those who fill it! (Yes, we’re bribing you.)

You’re of course also free to comment anything you want, including feedback, here, though we prefer the form for feedback.

Thanks again, and see you soon with more quizzing content!

Summer League #15

Apologies for the delay in the question. The next question shall be posted at 6:13pm, and scoring shall be done as earlier.

A return journey has been planned by an organisation to a place they’ve been before. This return journey is named after a being from mythology, X, and is quite a suitable name, since this being is related to that location. The original journey was named after a related being Y – curiously, X was born before Y in most versions of their story. Furthermore, a famous fantasy series’ main character is named after X. The place referred to earlier in the question, is known for seemingly changing it’s shape in a cycle – further, in fantasy and folklore, it being in a certain state causes some creatures to change shape.

Name X

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Summer League #14

This animal was famously called “the fruit of ______” by a side character in a pre-2000 American film, due to the variety of ways it can be cooked. A fast food restaurant’s dish using this animal was the cause of a famous meme often used to express dismay or sorrow. A method of fishing often used for this creature does a lot of damage to the seabed.

The required answer is a common name which refers to many species. Another name often used for these creatures is only a letter shorter, and starts with the same letter this name ends on.

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Summer League #4

X is an idiom, literary device, and logical fallacy. It was utilised by the killer in a Sherlock Holmes story – that story’s name includes a shade of a colour, and that same colour is part of the idiom. As a literary device, X’s usage contradicts a famous storytelling principle, whose name includes “gun”. X came to be an idiom due to the distractingly pungent smell of a preserved seafood item, which was also sometimes called X.
What is X?

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Summer League #3

This ‘90s tv show, a sequel with a more serious tone than the original, has a 3-part name. One part is X, a creature from folklore. The second part, Y, has multiple meanings, one being a type of social gathering, and another referring to something required for both official Cricket and Eight-ball Pool matches, among other things. The third part, Z, would be worth 10 points in Scrabble (simply summing the points of each letter) – however, it is not a valid Scrabble word. Name the show.

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Summer League #1

Familiar to players of an acclaimed pixelated game, often found in caves and underground, this rarity has long been prized in-game and in reality for its beauty and distinct shade. It has been sourced from the mines of a now war-ravaged country for the past 6000 years. Can you name this valued commodity?

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Summer QoTD #53

Character X, originally a villain, has the ability to turn themselves into a granular material. In later stories, they become an antivillain, often fighting for good. The name of this character is also used elsewhere in media, including the name of a comic book (Y) whose main character’s names include that of the Greek god of sleep and dreams. There also exists a creature in European folklore of the same name, who is perhaps the inspiration for Y’s main character, since the creature put people to sleep by sprinkling something in their eyes. X has been a part of multiple teams whose names show alliteration, and X’s classic outfit includes a green striped tshirt. Name X.