Question 15, Winter League 2022

A creature X, is considered to be currency of the people of an island that sunk into the ocean. The holes on its body are also considered to symbolise the wounds of a Godly figure (his birthday happens to be today) who was crucified. These creatures have quite a peculiar way of eating, and use their spines to consume food.



Question 11, Winter League 2022

X was considered to be an undergarment, and as such, was considered inappropriate to be seen and was made of leather. From the time of their invention until World War 2, a waistcoat was worn over to cover X and prevent indecency. However, people began removing outer layers in public, so this sensibility decreased.

In the 2000’s it became fashionable for some women to wear X as outerwear, a style emerging from mod style of the 1960’s. One particular instant which made it popular again was when the vocalist of a famous band wore it along with her dark suit.


Winter QoTD #8

A very famous book, that has sold over 8 million copies worldwide, was written as a part of a bet. The bet took place in the 1960s, for about 50$ between a renowned author and a publisher. It went such: the publisher bet the author couldn’t write an articulate, entertaining book using only 50 different words.

The result was a 62 page volume book. The book went on to be loved by many, is still quite prevalent and brings nostalgia to many. Although he won the bet, the author always “complained” that he never received the 50$.

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Winter QoTD #1

A famous president, who was also a renowned hunter, had once gone for a hunting trip with several other hunters competing. His attendants cornered a certain animal known for its intelligence and power, tied it to tree, and then called the President to shoot said animal. He refused to shoot the animal deeming it unsportsmanlike and instructed that the animal be put out of its misery.

This became the topic of a political cartoon, in which the animal was picturised as being as small and cute. This was seen by a candy shop owner, who made a memorabilia for this event and gave it a name pseudonymous to the President. It is something which is still made and adored by many till date.

What is this “memorabilia”?

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Summer Mini-League 3, Question #1

X is an American mathematician who made fundamental contribution to economics. As a student in Princeton, he refused to attend classes and derive from the work of others. He sought the recognition of coming up with his own original idea, and was of the opinion that attending classes that taught others’ works would only dull his mind.

Desperate to find an idea, X would trace the actions of pigeons fighting for bread and a bunch of other peculiar things. He wanted to come up with an equation such that, in a game, there could be a way such that both parties win.

X was working on proving a problem when, in 1956, he faced severe disappointment. He learnt that a proof had already been published just months before he could figure it out. It was speculated that if only one had solved the problem, he would have been given the Fields Medal for the proof.

In this situation, X found a solution he is known for till date. Who is X?

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Summer QoTD #11

A certain special lamp is believed to hold a very famous film producer and entrepreneur’s spirit. Whenever this certain producer would visit their apartment on Main Street, California, they would turn the lamp on to signal to their employees that they were taking residence there and would be working there, and when they would leave, they would turn it off.

When the producer died in late 1960’s their employees finally turned the lamp off for good. But the next morning, they found that the lamp was turned on mysteriously. Allegedly, they tried turning the lamp off, but it would keep turning back on. Since then, the lamp has never been turned off, nor has it ever went out.

Whose spirit is it in this lamp of magic?

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Summer QoTD #10

The founder of the company was a doctor in the army of Nazi Germany during World War II. After he injured his foot in the war, he designed himself a pair of shoes with soft leather he found at the cobbler and air cushioned soles made from tyres. Later on, this leather was replaced by rubber when he began to sell these shoes.

The first of these shoes to be sold were cherry-red coloured smooth leather design—named after the day this original was made—and a variation of it is still in production today! These shoes were designed with factory workers and policemen in mind, but soon became popular with a range of subcultures, and were worn by punks and skinheads alike as an act of rebellion. By 1982, they had become so popular that they had a song featured in a British TV comedy: “The Young Ones”. The shoes have a distinctive yellow stitching along the sole.

Later on, when the company was sold, the new owners came up with a “for life” policy, in which once the shoes were purchased, they could be repaired for free at any of their stores, but the retail price of the shoe was hiked, while now the scheme has been abandoned, but the price hike is still relevant.

Identify the company.

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Summer Mini-League 1, Question #5

X is a city in the northern parts of the country it is located in, which was part of the French colonies up until the middle of the 20th century. X is often compared to another city, with both cities being home to a famous structure designed by the same individual.

The French were quite proud and boastful of their civil and tidy houses in the city. However these houses were extremely tall and narrow, resulting in lower property taxes. During the early 20th century, the French faced a major issue due to the plumbing system they had introduced in the city, as it became a breeding ground for rats. This problem sparked a rather peculiar and witty form of rebellion from the colonized.

The French administration then recruited a team of hunters and set up a rat bounty programme, in which the rat hunters would get paid for every rat tail they procured, as they didn’t want to dispose off the body. However, these hunters outwitted the French, and started clipping off the rat tails, and letting the rats free. Some even went as far as to breeding rats! By the time the French realized what had happened, it was too late and the bubonic plague hit the city.

Identify the city (X).

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