Question 14, Winter League 2022

The famous duo of Mario and Luigi, are known as the super smash bros. There are two leading companies, X and Y in a certain product that can be compared to Mario and Luigi respectively. As Mario dominates over Luigi, the same took place between X and Y. During World War II, the rift between the founders grew stronger and led to forming independent companies X and Y.

X (analogous to Mario here) was named after its founder. Y was too originally, but later changed its name to something that is well reflected in Y’s logo currently.

ID X and Y. (points only if both are correct, and in the right order)


10 thoughts on “Question 14, Winter League 2022

  1. X is adidas and Y is Puma! The founders were brothers, namely Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler and Rudolf (“Rudi”) Dassler. Initially they started as the same company ‘Geda’, however they both separated into independent companies Adidas and Puma as we know today. Adidas (named after Adi Dassler) introduced shoes customized for different sports and grew rapidly, Puma always trailed behind just like Mario dominates over Luigi.

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