Winter QoTD #15

In most renditions of emoji X, it is made to resemble a very famous Symbolist era painting; also considered as a Mona Lisa for these modern, anxious times.

The artist has painted this piece in 3 different forms one of which has been stolen twice now. The painting features an unusual hue for the sky which scholars have interpreted to be due to the geographical setting or a psychological reaction to an event in their family.

The artist merely saw it as a call from nature.

ID X, the emoji.

Send your responses as comments to the post. The answer will be here after 24 hours!

The final leg of Don Quizote Winter League 2022 begins tomorrow! Keep an eye out for that leaderboard and the Nutella that awaits! Every question has a maximum of 20 points; check out the top post for more information.


10 thoughts on “Winter QoTD #15

  1. As most of you got it, the emoji is 😱!

    This is from Edward Munch’s “The Scream” which is said to be a Mona Lisa of the modern times where anxiety is a common occurrence.

    Munch had created 2 paintings, 2 pastels and 1 lithographic rendition of this artwork. Of which, the paintings were stolen (but have been reportedly recovered).

    Scholars believe the orange sky in the scream could be due to a number of reasons ranging from volcanic eruptions near the place of inspiration to his reaction to his sister being admitted to a mental hospital.

    The artist says he painted it since the sky once flashed red as the sun was setting and it seemed like a scream was emanating from it.

    P.S. the comments are glorious

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