Winter QoTD #13

A recurring enemy in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, X is inspired by a dish dating back to the Roman Empire.

In the middle ages, in Spain, after the introduction of caramelised sugar to a then-called creamy dish gave birth to what we today know as X.

German for ‘flat cake’, X can be considered to be two different dishes based on where you order it from. In Latin American context, it is similar to a custard. Whereas in Britain, it is more similar to a tart.

“Two entrees. One X is cold.

However, in reference to the above line, X couldn’t possibly be had alone.


Send your responses as comments to the post. The answer will be here after 24 hours along with the next QoTD!


7 thoughts on “Winter QoTD #13

  1. This dessert-inspired Final Fantasy delicacy is Flan.

    The line referenced in the question is said by Rosa Diaz in the show Brooklyn 99 when she finds her then boyfriend’s, Adrian Pimento’s receipt with “Two entrees, one flan.”

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