Announcing the Don Quizote Winter League, 2022!

Attention quizzers!

All of you have been enthusiastically answering the Question of The Day (QoTD) for the past week, and it’s time to up the ante in the Don Quizote Winter League! The league will be running during the next three weekends, starting tomorrow! Go nuts, for the top three winners of the Winter League take home a precious jar of Nutella each!

The first 5 questions will be spread over this weekend. They will be published at the following timings:
12 PM, Saturday [10 December 2022]
6 PM, Saturday [10 December 2022]
12 AM, Sunday [11 December 2022]
12 PM, Sunday [11 December 2022]
6 PM, Sunday [11 December 2022]

The quicker you answer correctly, the more points you get. The scoring system is as follows:
First 5 mins: 20 points
Next 5 mins: 18 points
Next 10 mins : 16 points
Next 10 mins : 15 points
Next 15 mins : 14 points
Next 15 mins : 12 points
Next 30 mins: 10 points (one hour has passed)
After this, 1 point will be deducted for every 30 mins passed.

For the third question (which has a 12 hour answer duration: Sunday, 12AM to 12PM), The first hour follows the same marking scheme as the other questions. Then, 1 point will be deducted for every hour that has passed.

In the case of multiple attempts, the latest attempt, if correct, shall be considered with half the points being awarded for it.

Your progress will be tracked on the Winter League Leaderboard which has its own separate page at and the top 5 standings can be viewed on the homepage as well!

Make a WordPress account and comment your answers on the question to participate in the league!

P.S. You can join this group to be notified whenever a new question is uploaded 🙂


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