Announcing the Third Summer Mini-League Winners!

And with the third Summer Mini-League ending, we conclude the Don Quizote Summer Season of 2022. We are immensely delighted to see a large number of participants, and we hope that you will continue the same enthusiasm in our upcoming events!

The winner of the third Summer Mini-League is @kusuriruri with a well-earned 94 points! This awards them with the precious jar of Nutella!

The entire league leaderboard can be viewed at it’s own separate page, which can be accessed from the right column of this page. The top 5 players are displayed here. The marking scheme followed was same as that in the previous two Summer Mini-Leagues.

A hearty congratulations to everyone who participated and got featured on the leaderboard, we wouldn’t have had a successful event without you!
You can join this WhatsApp group to be notified of all future Quizzing Events that we conduct.

(P.S. @kusuriruri please email your phone number and address to for your jar of Nutella!)


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