Summer Mini-League 3, Question #1

X is an American mathematician who made fundamental contribution to economics. As a student in Princeton, he refused to attend classes and derive from the work of others. He sought the recognition of coming up with his own original idea, and was of the opinion that attending classes that taught others’ works would only dull his mind.

Desperate to find an idea, X would trace the actions of pigeons fighting for bread and a bunch of other peculiar things. He wanted to come up with an equation such that, in a game, there could be a way such that both parties win.

X was working on proving a problem when, in 1956, he faced severe disappointment. He learnt that a proof had already been published just months before he could figure it out. It was speculated that if only one had solved the problem, he would have been given the Fields Medal for the proof.

In this situation, X found a solution he is known for till date. Who is X?

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And with this, we kickstart the Third and final Summer Mini-League! The league will consist of 5 questions over the weekend, which will follow the same schedule and marking scheme as the previous leagues. Your progress will be tracked on a leaderboard, and the winner will be rewarded with a prized Nutella jar!

The next question of the league, and the answer to this question will go up at 6 PM today, so answer quick!

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18 thoughts on “Summer Mini-League 3, Question #1

  1. You’re right! The answer is John Nash.

    His theorem of Nash equilibrium is an integral part of game theory, where the most popular questions such as Prisoner’s dilemma, etc are based around it.

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