Summer QoTD #15

Having broken 3 Guinness World Records including one previously held by Cher, this song, originally from the album “Hounds of Love” has been nominated for many awards in the past. Its name was changed once due to the presence of an *cough unholy *cough word in the title and the team didn’t want it to be played in only religious countries. The song is about men and women swapping places and it even featured in the 2012 Olympics.

What is the new and old name of the song?

Send your responses as comments to the post! Answer will be up after 24 hours.

The third and final Summer Mini-League begins tomorrow! Keep a lookout for the first question at 12 PM.

Remember, the quicker you answer correctly, the more points!

P.S. Have a WordPress account ready to answer!


11 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #15

  1. The answer to QoTD #15 is… You got it! ‘Running Up That Hill’, previously named ‘A Deal With God’ by Kate Bush. The song rocketed up on charts after featuring in Stranger Things Season 4 as Max’s song.
    Keep a lookout for Summer Mini League #3 to win a jar of Nutella šŸ™‚

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