Summer Mini-League #2, Question 4

Born in Weymouth, England (2008) to two loving parents, and died at the age of 2, X’s main claim to fame was his alleged ability to “predict” football match results. This oracle picked winners by selecting, opening, and entering a transparent plastic box with a hinged lid, in which a country’s flag is placed along with a parcel of food and the 2014 FIFA World Cup led to worldwide coverage of his activities.

With a success rate of 85.7% (12 out of 14 matches predicted correctly) and a primarily seafood diet, he lived a good life.

Identify X.

Send your responses as comments to this question. Check the comments after 6 hours to see if you got it right!

The faster you answer, the more points you get! The last question of this mini-league goes up at 6 PM today!

P.S. Make sure you have a WordPress account for commenting the answers.


15 thoughts on “Summer Mini-League #2, Question 4

  1. Y’all are right! The answer to Mini League Q #4 is Paul the Octopus! Paul was, in Wikipedia’s words, “a psychic sport-predicting animal”. His “ability” piqued a lot of interest, I mean opposed to a 0.5 probability of a toss of a coin, the probability of picking 12 successful out of 14 attempts is 1 in 180!

    The common octopus is colour-blind but they are attracted to levels of brightness and horizontal shapes. Understandably enough, Paul had a strong tendency to pick the German box.

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