Summer QoTD #9

The parish of Whitechapel is located in the East End of London, just east of the historical center of London referred to as the “City of London”. This region was known to be a very overcrowded slum in the late 19th century, due to an influx of Irish and Jewish immigrants. Thousands of people lived a hand to mouth existence in boarding houses. Moreover, there were over 1,200 women working as prostitutes in Whitechapel.

The year 1888 saw a total of 11 murders of which 5 were accepted as being committed by the same perpetrator who went by an infamous name.

These “Canonical Five” included 2 murders that happened on the same evening, a mile apart, in a way that involved the murderer actually passing THROUGH the gathered policemen between the 2 murders. The events upset and engaged the public so much that Queen Victoria herself wrote a letter to the Prime Minister demanding action. The killer got a name once the investigative authorities received bizarre letters signed in red with the words _ _ _.

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20 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #9

  1. The answer to QoTD #9 is “Jack the Ripper”, a serial killer who terrorized London with his gruesome murders. All his victims were prostitutes in Whitechapel and the “Canonical Five” had been murdered similarly around the same time of the night as well.
    Criminal Profiling was born because of Jack the Ripper who also sent around 3 letters: Dear Boss letter, Saucy Jacky postcard, and the From Hell letter, all of which teased the police and masked his identity well enough that the case remains to date, unsolved.
    Check out QoTD #10 !!

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