Summer Mini-League 1, Question #4

In 1957, two engineers sealed a couple of shower curtains together which they originally tried to sell as wallpaper. However, that pitch turned out to be quite unsuccessful. Stressed, the engineers rebranded it and tried to resell it by marketing it as an insulation.

A year later, the product got IBM as its first client, which was a huge relief for the duo. Since then, the product has gone from strength to strength, and experiences widespread usage in the present day.

What is the product commonly called?

Send your responses as comments to this question. The faster you answer, the more points you get!

Fifth and final question of the Summer Mini-League 1 goes up at 6 PM today (10th July)! The answer to this question will be released in the comments at the same time.

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20 thoughts on “Summer Mini-League 1, Question #4

  1. That’s right! This stress-relieving product is the bubble wrap!

    Bubble wrap is used today as a common packaging product which cushions and insulates items within.

    The fifth and the final question of the first Summer Mini-League is out now! Answer quick to get more points!

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