Summer QoTD #5

X is a member of the order Primates. X’s kind have featured as actors in many works of entertainment; mostly movies. X is named the way it is because of the resemblance of their coat to a certain group of hooded monks. Y is a much loved beverage whose nomenclature originates from the word X is. Identify X and Y.

Send your responses as comments to this question. Check the comments after 24 hours to see if you got it right!

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The first summer mini-league of the season begins tomorrow!


26 thoughts on “Summer QoTD #5

  1. You are correct! The answer is
    X: Capuchin Monkeys and Y: Cappuccino

    Capuchin Monkeys have been used in many movies and television shows. Their coat also resembles the robe of Capuchin Monks. Cappuccino is named so because the color of the espresso mixed with frothed milk was similar to the color of the Capuchin robe.

    Summer Mini League 1 is live now, answer quick to get more points!

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