Summer League #18

This is a full-length portrait named “The Blue Boy” by Thomas Gainsborough, and his most famous work.

It is praised as historical costume study as well as a portrait. The youth in the portrait in his 17th- century apparel is regarded as Gainsborough’s homage to Anthony van Dyck, and resembles Van Dyck’s portrait of Charles II as a boy.

The painting has been featured in many places in pop culture, for example in the film Joker (2019) and the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, there is another place where this portrait’s inspiration is well apparent.

What occurrence in which movie, released within the past decade?

15 thoughts on “Summer League #18

    • We asked you to answer questions, not prove Einstein wrong about the speed of light. xD That’s an incredibly fast answer!

  1. Django unchained, when django after getting freed, whips a white guy and shoots his brother for bounty – he wears a blue suit

  2. Django Unchained (2012)
    Django (mc), a freed slave, chooses to wear an outfit identical to that worn by Gainsborough’s subject in The Blue Boy

  3. The answer is Django in Django unchained! Apologies for the late answer and leaderboard updating. Congratulations to all those who got it correct!

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