Summer League #17

This is a family of games utilising a common set of playing pieces – the plural noun for the pieces is the same as the game family’s name, call it X. The pieces are also often called bones, rocks or tiles. Usually, there are 28 pieces in a set.
These pieces are also used for other purposes, such as a destructive display, the general mechanism behind which inspired a phenomenon to be named after X. This phenomenon is observed in very varied situations – basically it refers to a sequence of events causally linked.
These pieces also appear in Unicode – all 28, both horizontally and vertically – and in a company’s logo.
Identify the family of games.

Comment on this question to answer.

18 thoughts on “Summer League #17

  1. And the correct answer is Dominoes! These games are played using rectangular tiles, each of which is called a domino, the plural being dominoes. These tiles have two numbers from 0 to 6 on each tile, so having all combinations results in the 28-tile set which is generally used (though larger sets exist).

    Dominoes are often placed in a continuous path, and then one is pushed, leading to the whole line falling down. Many complicated displays have also been built using the same, some having an image form out of the fallen dominoes, double spirals, 3d structures, and more.
    The falling of the first domino leads to a chain reaction – this is called the Domino Effect, when one (often small) event (pushing one domino) results in other events, which themselves cause other events, leading to a large/significant result (all the dominoes falling down).

    The pizza fast-food chain Domino’s uses a 1-2 domino in their logo, and Unicode has all 28 pieces in horizontal and vertical configuration as characters.

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