Summer League #16

A dish of South Indian origin, it literally translates to “pepper water”. It is said to have been invented during the late 18th century to satisfy the Brits’ need for a particular spice, for which an existing local recipe was modified. Soon enough, the dish became a hit and spread wide to many corners of the British Empire, having butter, flour and meat added to it along the way to satisfy the foreign palates.

You may be surprised to learn that this dish is also (canonically) a certain superhero’s favourite food.

Identify the dish in question.

Comment on this question to answer.

14 thoughts on “Summer League #16

  1. TO all the Batman fans out there, this is his favourite dish, mulligatawany soup is the correct answer!
    Congratulations to upadhyapreetham, BAIBASWATA BIJNANA JENA, Amit, Sanchit Jindal, Adhyyan, joemamadou, asishdas1, Zoso, Garv Chandalia and Saksham for getting it right.

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