Summer League #15

Apologies for the delay in the question. The next question shall be posted at 6:13pm, and scoring shall be done as earlier.

A return journey has been planned by an organisation to a place they’ve been before. This return journey is named after a being from mythology, X, and is quite a suitable name, since this being is related to that location. The original journey was named after a related being Y – curiously, X was born before Y in most versions of their story. Furthermore, a famous fantasy series’ main character is named after X. The place referred to earlier in the question, is known for seemingly changing it’s shape in a cycle – further, in fantasy and folklore, it being in a certain state causes some creatures to change shape.

Name X

Comment on this post to answer.

20 thoughts on “Summer League #15

  1. Artemis (NASA’s Artemis mission, said to be born one day earlier than A**pollo, main character in question is Artemis Fowl II)

  2. The answer is the Greek goddess Artemis! NASA has planned a return journey to the moon – the mission is named Project Artemis. NASA’s Project Apollo landed the first humans on the moon. Apollo was a Greek god, twin brother of Artemis, and was born a few minutes or a day later than Artemis, depending on the version of the story. The moon is one of the domains of Artemis in Greek mythology.

    The fantasy character is Artemis Fowl.

    The moon’s different phases make it seem like it changes shape, and on a full moon, in fantasy and folklore, werewolves transform from human to wolf form.

    Congratulations to all who got it correct!

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