Summer League #13

Famously called as “The Emperor of the Internet” by a famous late night talk show host, this person lives in the UK despite having set his “business location” to be the US. Being surrounded by controversy all along his career he even has a long standing beef with an Indian TV director/producer. Recently his series on a particular video game got so popular that it helped bring that game back to trending.
He infrequently dabbles into music too, one of his songs being named as “cussword” “food item”.
Name this personality.

Comment on this question to answer.

22 thoughts on “Summer League #13

  1. Pewdiepie
    Guys i had to change account since iitb is disallowing me to use the ldap account used previously, but the name of both is the same.

  2. The name of the person is Felix Kjellberg, under the channel name of PewDiePie.
    Stephen Colbert is the late-night talk show host who called him “The Emperor of the Internet”.
    He shares a long-standing beef with Ekta Kapoor because he criticised Indian daily soaps.
    The song we mentioned in the Question is b*tch lasagna.
    Everyone who answered this question today has gotten it right. Kudos to all!!

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