Welcome to Don Quizote’s Summer League!

Hello hello, we are glad to present the first edition of Don Quizote’s Summer League, starting tomorrow, the 14th of July, and ending on 23rd July.
We will be posting two questions everyday, spanning multiple topics (everything from current affairs, to your favourite donuts with sprinkles on top), with a time limit of 6 hours per question to answer for points (A huge upgrade from 6Qs-an-hour course quizzes, if we do say so ourselves). You’re welcome to answer afterwards, but there won’t be any points for that.
We will also be giving away Amazon Gift Cards to the participants who finish in the top 3 at the end of the season.

Simple right? 10 Days, 20 Qs. We will maintain full transparency during the league with everything in front of your eyes, except the answers of course. Here are the rules and how to participate:

NOTE: We enforce commenting on the posts while logged in to a WordPress account for the league. Create one if you haven’t yet!
Comments (i.e answers to questions) made as guests (not logged in) shall not be counted.

  1. Questions will be posted twice a day, one at 12pm and the other at 6pm.
  2. To answer a particular question comment on the that question, your comment will be approved once the answering period for the question is over.
  3. Each question will have a 6 hour answering window starting from the time of posting the question, and only answers submitted in this time period will be accepted. The answers will be published 6 hours after the posting of the question, and your comments will be approved at the same time – they will not be visible to anyone but us before then.
  4. Kindly refrain from taking any assistance (Google or otherwise) while answering. The questions have been carefully curated to minimise the ease of Googling, though we have faith in the quizzers of our institute and those who are avid fans of our blog.
  5. Points will be awarded for a correct answer, and the earlier you answer, the more points you can earn. The full marking scheme:
Points for correct correct answer20
Answer correctly within 15 minutes of posting the question+15
Between 15-45 minutes of posting+12
Between 45-90 minutes of posting+9
Between 90-180 minutes of posting +6
Between 180-360 minutes of posting+3
  1. The leaderboard will updated everyday at 7.00pm and 1.00am. Do not worry if your points have not been updated until this, but if you find any discrepancy after the time period, you can contact any of the conveners and we will be more than happy to help you out.
    You can DM us on insta @aditya.sanghavi22 and @yerawizardmidoriya, or even email us at sanghaviaditya638@gmail.com and rehmatsinghchawla@gmail.com.
  2. The link to the full leaderboard is here. [1]
  3. We will also be displaying the top 5 quizzers on our homepage throughout the League.
  4. Regarding multiple answers – Only your latest one before the time limit will be considered, and you will be awarded points based on your latest comment’s time.

Happy Quizzing!

[1] https://donquizote.wordpress.com/leaderboard/

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