Summer QoTD#28

While the Oscar acceptance speech by the lead actor of this film became a soapbox about a particular issue, the issue had also affected the shooting of the film itself. Due to the above-mentioned issue, certain locations which had earlier been scouted for shooting were no longer suitable for featuring in the film, since an element crucial to the look of the film had disappeared from these locations.
Which film is this, which also broke a certain jinx for the actor? What issue is being talked about?


4 thoughts on “Summer QoTD#28

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio, Oscar Best Actor Jinx and snow melting due to environmental degradation which was prevalent in revenant

  2. Rohan and Pratyaksh get the funda, but Abhik gets the full answer. The film is indeed the Revenant, and the issue is climate change.

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