The first set.

Contributor: Harsh Jhaveri aka Orfg VYF rire  😉


Ferdi Kubler

Eddy Merckx

Joop zoetemick

Greg Lemond

Lance Armstrong

This is an exhaustive list of cyclists linked by a particular reason. What is the reason?


The singers sang their vocal parts continually for ten to twelve hours a day. They had to overdub themselves many times and “bounce” these down to successive sub-mixes. The tapes were passed over the recording heads so frequently that the oxide layer began to wear off, and the normally opaque tapes turned nearly transparent. The various sections of tape containing the desired submixes had to be spliced (cut with razor blades and assembled in the correct sequence using adhesive tape). Name this song which stands 3rd on UK’s best ever selling singles list.


“Each thing has its word, but the word has become a thing by itself. Why shouldn’t I find it? Why can’t a tree be called Pluplusch, and Pluplubasch when it has been raining? The word, the word, the word outside your domain, your stuffiness, this laughable impotence, your stupendous smugness, outside all the parrotry of your self-evident limitedness. The word, gentlemen, is a public concern of the first importance.”This is the last paragraph of which famous document?






5) Connect:





6 thoughts on “The first set.

    awesoma powa!
    1. znl plpyvfgf gb jva gbhe qr senapr jvgubhg orvat grnz pncgnvaf….
    2. Oburzvna encfbql.
    3. Qnqn Znavsrfgb
    4. Fbzr ubgry …whyrf irear arne rvssvy gbjre….95 z nygvghqr
    5. uvag….!!!

  2. nhe, tbg 2aq naq 3eq ner fcbg ba.. 4gu pybfr. vgf erfgnhenagf va gur rvssry gbjre.
    uvag sbe 5gu vf vg vf n yrkvpny pbaarpg. rnpu cvpgher tvirf n jbeq, abg rkunhfgvir

  3. The answers:
    1. Plpyvfgf jub ershfrq gur lryybj wrefrl va Gbhe qr Senapr orpnhfr gurl tbg vg orpnhfr bs fbzrbar ryfr’f zvfsbegharf(yvxr qrngu naq guvatf)
    2. Oburzvna Euncfbql
    3. Gur svefg Qnqn znavsrfgb ( ol Uhtb Onyy)
    4. Gur erfgnhenagf va Rvssry Gbjre ( whyrf irear naq nygvghqr 95)
    5. Svefg beovgny ynhapurf (be fcnpr-iruvpyrf) bs qvssrerag angvbaf. (abg rkunhfgvir) rkcybere bs HFN, nfgrevk bs senapr, ebuvav bs vaqvn & bsrx(zrnaf ubevmba va Uroerj) bs Vfenry

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